October 15, 2016

SAFe Prod­uct Manager/​Owner Certification

Learn the tools to write Epics, Fea­tures, & User Sto­ries within the Scaled Agile Frame­work.

This inter­ac­tive work­shop begins with the prin­ci­ples of SAFe, Lean think­ing tools, Agile devel­op­ment prac­tices at scale, and an overview of the Scaled Agile Frame­work. Teams will then learn the Prod­uct Man­ager and Prod­uct Owner roles in the enter­prise, how to man­age the enter­prise back­log, deliv­er­ing fea­tures, agile require­ments, the events within SAFe, and finally, stake­holder management.

Duration: 2 Day

Location: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland

SAFe Overview, PM-​PO Roles, Enter­prise Back­log, Model Deliv­er­ing Features, Deliv­er­ing Fea­tures, Agile Require­ments, Stake­holder Management.
Atten­dees typ­i­cally include exec­u­tives, prod­uct man­agers, prod­uct own­ers, con­sul­tants, lean-​agile lead­ers, and Agile change agents. Lead­ing SAFe, SAFe ScrumXP, or SAFe SPC train­ing are highly recommended.
At the end of this work­shop, atten­dees will have the tools and knowl­edge they need to write Epics, Fea­tures, and User Sto­ries within the Scaled Agile Frame­work, and have a solid foun­da­tion on how to man­age pro­grams in the Lean-​Agile Enter­prise. An optional SAFe Prod­uct Manager/​Product Owner cer­ti­fi­ca­tion is offered at the end of the class.

What's included?

Workbook & Pen
Keep track of the information shared in the training course and add your own notes.
Planning Poker
Each participant received a pack of Planning Poker cards used in one of the fun estimating exercises.
At the end of the course, participants receive a training certificate.

Meet the trainers


Cer­ti­fied Scrum Prac­ti­tioner (CSP), SAFe Pro­gram Con­sul­tant (SPC) and Cer­ti­fied LeSS prac­ti­tioner. Agile Trainer / ​Consultant. IT project and pro­gram man­ager with more than 17 years of expe­ri­ence in num­ber of dif­fer­ent indus­tries includ­ing util­i­ties, Insur­ance, Inter­net ser­vices, WEB pub­lish­ing, Web, Mobile and soft­ware development.


Cer­ti­fied Scrum Mas­ter (CSM), Scrum Prac­ti­tioner (CSP), Agile Trainer/​Consultant and IT project man­ager. I’m also cer­ti­fied SAFe pro­gram con­sul­tant (SPC) and Less prac­ti­tioner with over16 years expe­ri­ence work­ing in bank­ing, account­ing, den­tal and insur­ance industries.

LeSS SAFe 4.0 CSP Scaled Agile Framework Scrum Agile
LeSS SAFe 4.0 CSP Scaled Agile Framework Scrum Agile

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