Agile Training and Consulting Services to Surpass Competition

Training Courses

Purpose built training that can be practically applied with results.

Four Level Framework

  • Agile Transformation from basic Agile principles to Scaled Frameworks.

  • Full range of Public courses or tailored Private courses to suit business needs.

  • Training offered in Australia and New Zealand throughout the year.

  • Practical training exercises, ensuring better knowledge retention.

  • Discounts on future training courses.


Focus learning into lasting application during implementation.

Agile consultancy services that help companies make their business more efficient, differentiate themselves from competition and ultimately contribute to their growth in the market. Have industry experts as part of your team and enjoy the certainty that your project will benefit from sound Agile principals.

Our Clients


Our team consist of a group of talented and like minded individuals passionate about shaping the future.
Director / Consultant
Cer­ti­fied Scrum Prac­ti­tioner (CSP), SAFe Pro­gram Con­sul­tant (SPC) and Cer­ti­fied LeSS prac­ti­tioner. Agile Trainer / ​Consultant. IT project and pro­gram man­ager with more than 17 years of expe­ri­ence in num­ber of dif­fer­ent indus­tries includ­ing util­i­ties, Insur­ance, Inter­net ser­vices, WEB pub­lish­ing, Web, Mobile and soft­ware development.
Cer­ti­fied Scrum Mas­ter (CSM), Scrum Prac­ti­tioner (CSP), Agile Trainer/​Consultant and IT project man­ager. I’m also cer­ti­fied SAFe pro­gram con­sul­tant (SPC) and Less prac­ti­tioner with over 16 years expe­ri­ence work­ing in bank­ing, account­ing, den­tal and insur­ance industries.

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